Zakir Slaimankhel Wife and A Look At Rugby Player’s Career

Rugby league player Zakir Slaimankhel and his wife are in the news after his excessive claims at the airport. He was removed from the plane for fighting with flight attendants.

Contrary to his claims, the airline cites a different version of events that resulted in the banning of him and his wife from “ALL Qantas” and Jetstar flights.

Slaimankhel is a famous rugby player, who represented Afghanistan at an international rugby tournament in Indonesia. At the “Asia Rugby Sevens” competition, his side finished in second place and he was named the top try scorer.

Aside from his rugby career, he works for “Muslims Around the World,” a nonprofit organization that offers clean water, shelter, food, education & charitable initiatives to individuals in third-world nations. 

Zakir Slaimankhel Wife Prefers To Remain Away From The Media

Zakir Slaimankhel is happily married to his wife, who seems reserved about her identity. The Slaimankhel couple exchanged wedding vows at a private wedding ceremony with family and friends. 

While they share a family of five with three children, Mrs, Slaimankhel remains a religious woman who follows the culture of hiding their face in a hijab when going out. 

While on the topic of hijab, Zakir and his wife recently faced a complex scenario when Qantas flight attendants commented about her attire. Dailymail reports that the matter blew up when Zakir stood up for his wife and started scolding the airline staff. 

It blew off badly, and they were even banned from boarding all the flights by the airline after the board reviewed the matter.

Zakir Slaimankhel And His Family Booted Off Qantas Flight From Bali

Zakir Slaimankhel and his wife made news of being kicked off a “Qantas flight” after departing from Bali.

He claims that flight attendants had an “abhorrent customer experience” with him and his family on October 19, 2022.  His statement reported by au.News.Yahoo claimed they were “embarrassed, dehumanized & belittled” before a trip back to Sydney.

Nearly two weeks after the video of the argument went viral on TikTok, a player wrote on Facebook on Monday, “The racist undertones on exhibit throughout the communication & actions of Qantas staff members was beyond insulting.”

Zakir claimed an unnamed service member called his wife’s hijab a “head thingy” & claimed she was “inhibiting the toilet doors from opening safely” when she was standing in line while changing their son’s diaper.

In addition, he claimed that as his wife was standing in line to use the restroom, a flight attendant informed him that she was “preventing the toilet doors from opening safely.” Before leaving the bathroom, his wife bent down to pick up something from the floor. But, as she did so, another flight attendant patronized her and made her feel ashamed, leaving her in tears, feeling humiliated and upset because of the incident.

In the statement, Qantas continued by saying that Mr. Slaimenkhel and his wife were expelled from the plane for repeatedly verbally insulting the personnel. According to dailymail, the representative stated that “the safety of our clients & personnel is our number one priority & we do not allow any form of abusive behavior.”

Slaimenkhel’s couple has been given no-fly orders with Qantas Group airlines for their behavior against employees, according to our evaluation of the incidents aboard.

How Old Is Zakir Slaimankhel?

Zakir Slaimankhel is 27 years old, born in 1995 to caring and loving parents.

Zakir stated, growing up in Auckland, New Zealand, in his culture, he enjoys rugby; it’s simply in his blood. He was in schools that provided him the privilege to play sport.” 

Slaimankhel immigrated to Auckland in New Zealand from Afghanistan and Pakistan to establish his own culture there. It didn’t take him long to show himself as one of the foreigners creating a name for himself in New Zealand’s unofficial national sport after realizing that rugby union served as the country’s foundation.

Furthermore, he represents the organization Muslims Around the World & frequently posts photos of underprivileged kids on his Instagram. He also shares images of his encounters with prominent figures, such as TikTok sensation “Hasbulla Magomedov.”